Competitive Program

Competitive Program

The Competitive Program is designed to provide appropriate training for fencers who wish to compete in fencing tournaments at a higher level.

It is required that fencers who want to join the Competitive Program to establish a relationship with a Coach, arrange for a lesson(s) and have your Coach make a recommendation based on your readiness.

The Competitive Program builds on the fencing skills developed in the Skills Program.  The lessons are more robust and fencers are expected to have a solid foundational framework for competitive-level fencing.  Fencers in the Competitive Program typically compete regularly in fencing tournaments and/or make fencing a significant part of their physical conditioning routine.

MTFC results are posted on from the information recorded in our FencingTime software. Recent results posted include all USFA sanctioned tournaments in which our members participate are included in tournaments that were setup in AskFred.

MTFC hosts unrated club and USFA sanctioned events on semi regular basis normally alternating between weapons and level. USFA Membership is only required for USFA sanctioned events. There are many other opportunities locally to compete in USFA sanctioned events.

Metro Tacoma Fencing Club (MTFC) is affiliated with the United States Fencing Association and part of the Western Washington Division (WWD) and Pacific Northwest Section. For scheduled events check the WWD Calendar link, or go to for local, divisional, regional and national events. Please note for sanctioned USFA events there are specific uniform and equipment requirements. All WWD-hosted tournaments require a full regulation uniform as outlined in the USFA rules of fencing. This uniform is required at all USFA sanctioned tournaments, local and national.