• Beginner Program
  • Competitive Program
  • Elite Program

Typically, new and less experienced fencers will start with the Beginner Program in foil and, depending on the level of their participation and goals, move on to the Competitive Program as their skills improve, and then the Elite Program if they are interested in high level training and significant competition.

All of the programs are high quality, instructor-led programs.  Each program includes conditioning, footwork, bladework, drills, and bouting.

All foil classes require club membership as well as a separate class fee.


Our epee program currently consists of private lessons and open fencing. Coach Dana Sanford is our Head Epee Coach. Club membership or drop in fees required for open fencing. Private lesson fees are arranged with the coach.

Open Epee Fencing:  T/Th 7pm


Coach Joe Jasper provides lessons and beginning saber classes on Saturday mornings. Club membership required. Email info@tacomafencing.com for more information.

Saber Class: Sat 8:30-10 AM